Too much laser is not a good thing

I mean, there’s overburn, and then there’s this.

(yes I know it’s probably hyperbole, but eesh)


Too much free time without a laser can cause all sorts of trouble. Happy cake day tomorrow anyway.


A hole! That’s just what the Universe needs. Happy cake day indeed!


ROFLMAO! I’ve got to stop reading these so quickly…I thought you were calling @evansd2 an
A-hole. :rofl:


Probably overdue really. I’m crabby without my GF.


:joy::joy::joy: He’s a real hole in the universe alright! LOLOL that’s what I get for writing ambiguously

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Haven’t these guys ever played Half-Life??? Tearing holes in the fabric of the universe, sheesh. Better have a pry-bar handy to fend off the invaders!

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I saw this story in my feeds when it popped up a couple of days ago. I’m all for it. Tearing a hole in the fabric of the universe is a sci-fi and horror story standard (or in the case of the movie Event Horizon, a sci-fi and horror story combined, about ripping holes in the universe and letting out the denizens of hell).

I’d love to see what’d happen in real life.

I was for the LHC making a black hole, too. But I knew the odds of that were slim so I didn’t get my hopes up.

Damn scientists always predicting their latest experiment will possibly end the world. Just a ploy to help them get funding. End of the world seems as likely to happen as personal jetpacks and flying cars.

I should probably not get too excited about this hole in the fabric of spacetime being a possibility either.



Sorry guys! I did this, but I reversed it so no worries. Won’t happen again - promise.


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