Too much loss this year


Chris Cornell, now Chester Bennington…to name just 2 greats. I know some of us here have also lost close friends & relatives…seems the number of departed is unusually high this year.



Dude! This year’s got nothing on the one before… Bowie, Prince, Lemmy, Leonard Cohen, Alan Rickman, Gene Wilder, Carrie Fisher, etc., etc.


It’s not over yet, though :frowning:


We have tickets for Linkin Park :confused: We physically got the tickets yesterday for the August show.


Oh man, that’s a bummer. The timing. Guess you better laser cut a frame for those.


And yikes, did not mean to seem flippant about the folks that have passed on this year. Sorry if it came off that way!


yeah been a crazy year, I’ve lost both my grand mothers, my aunt, and just last week my dad…I thought 2016 was done with is horribleness but the hits just keep coming


So, so sorry to hear this. Deepest sympathies to you.


Oh, I am so very sorry too. Please accept my deepest sympathies for your losses.


Condolences on your losses.


I got an email from sirius xm for a linkin park ticket giveaway literally 2 minutes before the internet blew up with the news


Sorry for your losses. After all that you should be good for a long stretch.


I was just watching the GMM ep with Linkin Park on it a couple weeks ago. That was filmed just a couple months ago.

Is there a final word on COD? When I heard they speculated suicide, but it was unconfirmed at that time.