Tool to compliment the Glowforge - Mini Mill

I just ordered one of these. Not expecting it to be extremely high accuracy or anything but I thought it might be fun to have around. Can’t complain about the price either.

Mini Mill



If you want to trade up in the future, check these guys out…

Taig Mini Mill

Taig Mini Lathe

They have a couple of other products, too…


or really trade up to little machine shop Hi Torque, or Precision Matthews cnc mill a lot more but a lot more mill, unless you go for a Tormach really a lot more of everything. HAH

Maybe one day. Those are nice little machines

What do you plan to cut with that mill? If I read the ad correctly that spindle puts out 70 watts of power, which probably work well on anything more substantial than balsa wood or soft plastics. A friend has the CNC’d Taig mill and makes working model engines with that so a manual Taig could be a nice upgrade for you.

Mostly going to be using it with wood and potentially plastics. Found some videos online of people using it to work with aluminum with reasonable results as well.

Good luck with it and please post back here with a report when you have it up and running.