Top Lid Does Not Close, Off Hinge

My top lid suddenly is not closing and I see the problem is on the left side in back where the hinges are. I have been using this since I bought it in January 2021 without a problem and today I went to open the lid and nothing felt or seemed strange until I closed it and then it’s off.

Can anyone help me? I submitted a ticket with GF.

Pictures attached.


Oof, thats painful to see. You’re well within warranty period, they’ll swap the unit out.

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Hello, @CynU I am very sorry about the lid problem you are running into with your Glowforge printer. I saw that you sent in an email, so I went ahead and responded to you there. I am looking forward to your response. To mitigate any confusion or miscommunication I will go ahead and close this post. Thank you!

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