Top of a lid I'm working on for a small box (wood inlay + epoxy) Updated


Walnut inlay with epoxy for the water and the flower, will incorporate this into a lid for a 4x6 box I’m making.

Updated: Finished lid and cut box, still deciding on if i want to engrave the sides or just sand and polish.


Sweeeet! The water looks great - can’t believe that’s inlaid. :sunglasses:


the water is epoxy, i believe.


Yes, water and flower is dyed epoxy.


Ahhh! Okay, that makes sense. Great looking combination!


That looks fantastic!


Really nice! Great use of different techniques.


Really nice inlay. Be sure to show us the box when it’s done!


Updated to show the finished lid.


Very nice work! Inlay and epoxy … Look great together.