Top shelf organization

I had some friends who helped me get a Nintendo Switch a couple of months ago, then they also introduced me to the Amiibo figures. Once I got a few of those I knew I’d need to find a way to keep them safe, but visible so I set out to make an organized shelf for them. I took one of the short Ikea Mosslanda shelves and designed an insert that would fit in the channel it has. First I did some tests in cardboard.

I opted for short segments that could be added together for different length shelves and once I had one that worked well for me I moved on to 1/4" clear acrylic. It blended nicely with the shelf and now it taunting me with empty spaces that need filling :slight_smile:


When I get my :glowforge: I will need to make one of these for my son, maybe one for the Disney Infinity figures too!


What a great idea! It turned out great.

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So much YES! I have disney infinity figures that need this kind of organization set up.

Amiibo!!! I have so many! I lost count! This is such a nice way to display them! Awesome job!

PS - I also have the Amiibo cards… it’s never ending…