Topic Display Change Is Irritating

I imagine is is a discourse thing, but the position of the topic immediately above the category name has become a nuisance.

I cannot be the only one who keeps missing the topic and touches the category instead.

Put it back to the side or at least put a gap between them.


Think I only did that once–but on my screen, the topic is much larger font than the category underneath, and the category has a blue square in front of it, so have never thought it a nuisance. More an issue of making sure my finger tip is in the right place (when use as a touch screen) or the pointer on the right spot. But suppose different browers/monitors = different appearance & ease of use…

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It also makes it harder to see unread items in the “Latest” section on a tablet.


I find latest harder to distinguish because the topic stays bold once read instead of going gray/dim like the others.


I read this and thought “I never do that” then went on to read more new posts and the first thing I did was accidently hit the category instead of the post. :smiley:


Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, this is a Discourse setting and we don’t have a way of changing the size or placement of the headers.