My glowforge just arrived here in California. Space is cleared, materials are in hand, and I leave later today on a two week family vacation! Torture!


I see a cold coming on for you, looks like your spouse will have to take the rest of the family and head out for two weeks so you can get some rest and recuperation and recover from that “light” (as in laser light) cold.


Wasn´t cloning on of the secret features that comes with the Glowforge?

All vacations are herewith cancelled by order of the President of the US. Didn’t you see the tweet?

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Tell me about it. I got mine and didn’t have time to mess with it. Kids came in town, then work stuff and now we are leaving town. I’ve only had time to tinker. Not enough time in the day.

Same thing happened to me a few months ago.

When did you originally order, and basics/pro? I’m still waiting on my shipping notification, and it seems like some folks after me are getting theirs.

Can’t wait to see what you make!

Install Evernote on your phone or tablet so you can write down the many, many ideas that occur to you while you’re away.

Ordered mine late last year, I think. Early December. Just a basic (which arrived) and a filter (which has not, until September).

I was able to set it up, and print the ruler and keychain, so I know it works. Now doing a grand southwest national parks adventure with the family, so I am sure to be inspired!

It’s pretty cool. Right now, filtering through window, but I sure can’t wait to get the air filter. Anyone have tips or tricks?

Cheers! Happy Lasering!

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What you need is a stay at home craftcation! :grinning:

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Sleep is overrated :wink:

I’ll be taking a week off next month to do exactly that! Can’t wait!

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I remember we got ours the week before vacation. My son asked “Can we bring the Glowforge?”

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