Totally Confused

I have set up the GF, it is ALIVE. I keep being directed to go to where I should be able to get the free Gift of Good Measure. I keep going in circles and that is not my style. I have also seen in the tutorial that after I complete their steps I can place my design in the GF software and hit Print. I cant seem to figure out where to go to load my design for print? Totally confused.

When you go to you will arrive at the Dashboard. The Gift of Good Measure is listed as a file on that page. Just click on it to open it in the Glowforge Interface.

There is a tutorial here to explain how to use the Interface.

You will want to make sure that you have material in the bed of the machine to print the file on.

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When I go there I end up at and there is no download. How do I get to the GF interface if create my own and want to print? I cant seem to find the Interface either. I usually don’t have these issues with software.

Uh-oh. They might not have set your access up yet.

You might need to open a new thread in the Problems and Support section. (Or send an email to ) so they can set that up for you.

Either one will work. Was it purchased under your name and email address?

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Thanks Jules, Your awesome!

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Welcome to the fold! :grinning:

Also read everything in this thread:

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Jules, YOU NAILED IT. GL failed to make me the “owner”, therefore I could not get to the GF interface. Thanks so much for your time and reasoning.




Jules is the resident awesome guide to your GF.

So are about 100+ others, but Jules seems to not sleep, answer everything within 30.76 seconds and always has the answer.

This place rocks - welcome aboard!


But it’s not always the right one. :rofl:


But hey - you’re always there!


Yeah…I need to get a life. :laughing:


yes we are going to get secret service protection for @jules.

That way we can always get our GLOWFORGES running :slight_smile:

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I’m up and running and now I will become annoying, with questions. I’ve made my first three sample cuts and now I am on to great and greater…a coaster. If you can see this PDF the outer ring is the perimeter of the coaster. The rest of the design I would like to be engraved. When I import my art it sees the text as what I want engraved, and see everything else as cut lines. Please point me in the right direction.

I have Coaster.pdf (3.6 KB)

Filled shapes are seen as things to engrave, and outlined shapes are seen as things to cut. The text is filled, so it correctly interprets that as an engrave.

The next thing you’re going to run into is that your text is inside a circle you want to engrave. It’s going to engrave the entire circle, not just the part surrounding the text, unless you actually subtract the shape of the text from the circle. :wink:

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What software are you using? Illustrator? Inkscape?

What you want to do is make the outside circle a different stroke or outline color (like red) then select everything inside it that is still black and convert it into a bitmap or raster image for engraving. (Easiest way to do it.)

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Thanks. I’m using Inkscape. I’ll give these a go and let you know what happens. Cheers.

Keep after it Randy! For me, completely ignorant of laser and CNC, the exploration was some of the most fun I’ve had in years.
Once you get the fundamentals of the design software and can actually make things happen like you envision, a new creative world opens to you!
Kind of like a treasure hunt. Enjoy the adventure. :sunglasses:


Sometimes a wrong answer is better as 40 people will pile on to give the right answer where as other wise it might get ignored. :crazy_face:


Thanks for the encouragement. Will this thing cut through metal?

I’m having a blast already. I love design and software but have never had this sort of outlet. I am going to use this to make my own inlay for wood projects like this desk I build last month. I bought this inlay but believe I can do my own.
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