Totally random post on distracted driving

What’s funny is my friends were all horrified I took a selfie while driving this sunday for the boys to visit mom (like THAT’S the distracting thing happening in the front seat…). For those who care the phone is in the cradle. And yes, my daughter is in the back seat while the boys are in the front, because she is 22 and doesn’t need continuous supervision while the boys need no second unsupervised.

By the way, because he’s kind of a jerk he deliberately bashed his horns into the center console, and all my brake/ABS/VSA warning lights lit up. It fixed itself once I restarted the car.

And to top it off, I hear him munching what sounds like dried leaves and he turns to me and I realize he is eating the dollar bills I keep in my cup holder to give to the homeless guy on the BU bridge on my way to work… What a jerk, stealing money from the homeless… I mean sure he can digest it, but still a jerk move…


Here they are visiting mom at work (although my wife is not in any of the photos as she was dealing with a GSW to the femur):


:rofl: Note to self: Do not leave money in the cup holder when driving a goat.
(Hope the GSW repair went well.)


Well apparently it happened 6 months ago (the lady didn’t know she got it from a shelter, who apparently didn’t notice). So the dog has a pretty serious displaced fracture of the femur (and has a limp not surprisingly). The bullet is still in there (along with what look like either shotgun or airsoft pellets. Poor guy.


Hope she gets him fixed up! :confused:

…well, it was green. :expressionless:


They are too cute! So do they regularly go up to visit Mom? She doesn’t have enough animals to see :wink: I’m guessing they are the hit of the practice though.

The problem is all work stops…

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Indeed a selfie–or a goatie–worth taking! Maybe the dollars from the cup holder were his modelling fee? (Though be glad he didn’t return them back in the holder or on the car seat…).


We take them for hikes (This was about a 5mi hike)

The tricolor one is rocky and the light colored one is butterscotch. They are both full grown


I almost read that as a “goatse.”

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Do they walk better or worse on a leash than a typical dog? Guessing worse but they are much more entertaining. Plus you likely have to stop every 5 minutes for kids (and adults) to ooh and ahh. Is it called a hike then or just a stroll?

I see what you did there…


Its nice to have a pet that doubles as a lawnmower lol


Too bad I didn’t do it on purpose. My family will tell you I have zero humor and they are right.

Actually they are more of a weed-whacker than mower. Sheep graze on grass while goats eat bushes/leaves.

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Well on the plus side they are herd animals so have natural herding/following instincts. On the negative side they are untrainable morons (but they make up for it with enthusiasm), so get their leashes tangled every 30 seconds. (they also do the go to the wrong side of a tree vs me. And they never learn.


Well they are in the woods, so while we do meet some folks, it’s not continuous. They are really good with small children as they are in general very friendly. They also don’t have top teeth so if they do nip you it’s generally doesn’t break skin (but it’s a hell of a pinch)

We’ve had kids as young as 18mos old play with them, and everyone seems to have a good time.

They will jump on you, but that’s really to frisk you for treats in your pockets. After you either feed them or not since they have the attention span of a gnat they walk away in 20 seconds.


Nice to see some up-to-date photos of the kids!


But do you learn to anticipate that and not get caught on the wrong side?

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