Totem Pole Raising Ceremony

Totally off topic, but I thought that some of you might enjoy this article about a recent totem pole raising here in Seattle. The craftsmanship is simply amazing. We were fortunate to attend the totem pole raising ceremony at the hospital, as well as the potlatch afterward. Both were very moving, and very inspiring.

(The last time that I was at NW hospital, nearly 10 yrs ago, I learned that an old friend had lost her battle with cancer. So even though this ceremony was not about her or me, there was an odd synchronicity or poetry. It felt very healing and very “full circle” to be able to witness this gift.)

The work that this artist and culture bearer, David Boxley has done to restore his tribe’s traditions is nothing short of amazing, and it shines through in his art, his dance, and his community:


Very touching and very beautiful. Always nice to see people perpetuating their art and culture.


That’s totally cool…we had a few local carvers go around Galveston after Hurricane Ike tore it apart a decade ago and voluntarily carve the damaged trees into birds, alligators, wildlife and totems of all kinds…so that the dead trees could live on instead of being torn down. Always fascinating to see what they do.