Totoro shadowbox

So, I finally got around to trying out some of the corrugated cardboard that I’ve been hoarding for the last 2 and a half years (just picture Gollum sitting on a pile of cardboard muttering “It’s coming soon, my precious and we must feed it cardboard, yes, my precioussss!”)

I’ve seen quite a few examples of shadowbox frames on Pinterest, so I picked one of my favourite scenes from Totoro and designed a few layers.

After causing a few (very small) fires :fire: :scream: I found the right settings and simplified some of the elements so that the laser didn’t spend too much time in one spot. The first version turned out ok but the card wasn’t great quality and I didn’t like some of the cut out details.

So back to the drawing board, a little reworking to change some cuts to engraves and some nicer card later and I’m really happy with it.


That’s beautiful!

Oh that turned out great! (And can totally relate to the hoarding gene - I’ve got a thing for bottles/jars. Picture Smaug on his pile of gold.) :smile:

Just offloaded about a dozen CASES of mason jars. Fairly sure I won’t be making that much apple butter again.


Very nice indeed! Do you intend to color it? Looks great as a monotone though.

That is awesome! I love it!! :smiley:


(I am not alone. Yay!)

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I think I’ll leave this one as it is, I do rather like the monochrome look, but I plan to have some fun with different coloured layers or transparencies…

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