Toy box

Can someone help cut this box .

If you purchased this file, you should not share it here as you probably don’t have permission to publish the file.

When I opened this in Inkscape, there were no strokes assigned for the boxes, only fills.

Can you provide an image of the finished product you hope to assemble?


Yes ,ok thank you point that out .sure I’ll provide of my dashbroad

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I add the picture, It only cutting the outlines but not the box

You will need to open this file in a program such as Inkscape to assign stroke properties to the boxes. The current file has no stroke, only fills for the boxes. You should contact the file seller for assistance. What size is the finished box supposed to be?

I try to contact her she hasn’t been any help to me The size should be 15.8 x10.3

I think you need to set the first task on the left to “Cut” and the second to “Score” and then “Ignore” the final square.

I try every way and I only been able to score

I try ungroup and separate the project in order to cut different part and I haven’t had any luck .

The box side appears to actually be to tall to cut. The top of the doll’s head it just to high up to fit the entire side into the cut area.

It definitely too tall .

Will be any assistance to me and help as I never used Inkscape ?

I can help, I will message you some updated files that should work.


Create an outline around each “individual toy,” adjust for the width you wish, and it will cut OR if I am right go to the sixth of the all of those frames you have pictured and see if those toys cut properly.
My assumption is the toys outlined on the “Boxes” are only meant to be scored to show you where to place the cut out toys for gluing… meaning only the toys in the sixth frame that you have pictured are actually meant to be cut out. The rest are only meant to be scored.

Right the toy on the boxes only supposed to be scored and the file at bottom is to be cut separately . My issue is getting the just boxes to cut

Prefect thank you very much for your assistance

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Have you gone through the first tutorials? It seems like maybe you have missed them. They are a great starting point and explain many basic concepts.


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