Trace Feature - Love it!


Still at the preschool stage and haven’t gone beyond the manual but the trace feature is so awesome. This is my daughter’s drawing.


Looks like art to me! :grinning:


She’s quite talented!


Tried one for my niece. This is nice, won’t need to scan and convert like my decals. I really wish I can cut vinyl and none of my stock is laser safe


Glad you’re tinkering away! It will be a lot of fun to try all the different possibilities!


Wonderful, isn’t it?
The finished product looks like Katherine has her own Death Star.


I didn’t even see that reference! I was just testing the ignore feature on the interface with the keychain preset. She’s going to love her Death Star. She already stole it from my 'To post on Instagram pile and appeared on her backpack :joy:


Isn’t it awesome when kids are proud of their work? I love it when I, as a parent, get to be with them when they discover what they’re capable of.


Well on her way to following in the creative footsteps of her mother !


Looks great!

Yup, cutting vinyl with a laser, or burning it, is deadly. It releases chlorine gas which can liquefy your lungs… and corrode any exposed steel on the laser.