Trace shifting

I’m having problems with the trace feature. It looks good and then when I print, the entire cut lien shifts to the left. Any insight?

What are you tracing - drawing, and outline of a product? How thick is the item you are tracing? Can you share a screenshot?


Drawing., sort of. I traced a thick black line around a copy of a cdv photo that I glued to chipboard. I am hoping to use the GF to cut these for my shadowboxes rather than cutting them out with a jeweler’s saw.

I am trying to recreate the problem. Did you use the set focus tool at any point? Did you use the outline tool? When I used the outline tool, I also got a significant shifting of the cut similar to your results. When I used the set focus tool and did not use the outline tool, the result was better.

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I didn’t use the set focus tool. I’ll try that. I followed the “steps” for tracing (have my GF for almost 4 years - first time I’m trying this!) Question - outline tool?

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The outline tool is included in the premium subscription and creates a vector line around a design. The tool allows for adjustable offset and inset.


I’ll give it another shot! Thanks for the help!

When you press “print”, the first thing it does is “autofocusing on your material”, where it measures the height of the material using the red dot projector and camera on the bottom of the print head.

This measurement is used to scale the camera image of the material you’re looking at, behind your design. If you had a 4" square coaster in the machine, but it’s half an inch thick, that will appear bigger than one which is a quarter inch thick. That’s just how vision works – things closer to the camera (or your eyes) appear larger than things further away.

When the measurement the machine takes differs from the material thickness you had entered, or the thickness of the Proofgrade material you had selected, the image is scaled smaller or larger to reflect how big things really are.

So it’s not that your cut line shifted to the left – the cut line didn’t shift at all. The bed image was scaled larger or smaller than before, which makes it move on your screen relative to the design.

To avoid it happening after you’ve already lined up your design where you want it, use the “set focus” button to tell the machine to make the measurement before you do your lining up. Or, measure the material with calipers and enter the material thickness manually using the “use uncertified material” button.


Thank you, Dan!

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