Trace tool struggles

Using the glowforge to cut wearble art designs created by my middle school design students- drawing in Sketchbook, printing on paper, and then using the GF trace tool. Camera is reflecting off areas of black and not wanting to fill for a solid engraving in those areas. Also, not picking up patterns made of repeating lines that well. Any suggestions? I’m not skilled in Illustrator and I am also willing to try to convert these designs to SVG if it’s easier that way:)

Since you are starting with the artwork in a digital format, maybe try some other trace software to get your vectors from it and, skip the low-quality camera imaging.

Inkscape, which free, open source software, has a pretty good trace tool:


Also: if you are not aware, you can engrave a bitmap directly. You can use a trace tool to get a contour to cut it out.

If you really want to use the camera trace feature, maybe spraying prints with a matte varnish would help with the reflectivity.


thanks! I’ll give it a go.

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Since you have Illustrator you also have access to Adobe Capture - an iOS/Android app that is particularly good at turning photos into vectors. The trace function is easier to wrap your head around than the full blown Illustrator workflow.


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