Tracing vector file in inkscape


If you want to use it in the future the <$3.00 paid to the artist is worth it. until then I have it sequestered in the do not use reference subdirectory of ideas.


I think I like your method better than mine, especially the addition of the stoke width to offset the outline


Your method is a good one, and boils down to the same thing as mine, just goes to show there are lots of ways to get it done. I tend to do the boolean route because it’s sometimes less fiddly than manipulating the original path by hand – in this case, I think they’re about the same amount of effort.


I just bought it – now that it’s been all optimized for GF, how could I not? :slight_smile:


When I looked I saw that there was a continuous outline, had it not been I would have duplicated and used the node editor to delete what was not outline and repaired as needed.


That seller is going to wonder why her owl just became the most popular item in her shop =) She is scratching her head in wonder it’s probably been listed for ages. Now all of a sudden it will be trending. We just made someones weekend for sure!


We have done that before :sunglasses: nearly drove them out of business :roll_eyes:

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