Tracing writing for cutting boards

I’ve sold a ton of cutting boards with photo and handwriting. Normally, I can work through issues with handwriting without tracing, but this one has me stuck. I don’t have an iPad, but I’ve used the pencil tool with Photoshop and I still can’t get the first half of the recipe (separate from second half) to be as dark as the second half. Can anyone help me? Please?

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You could create a new layer above the image. Use your pencil tool only on the new layer. Delete the original image when you are done.

This section of the forum is for problems with the Glowforge. I am going to move this as it has nothing to do with the performance of the machine.

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The “Trace Bitmap” feature in Inkscape is my go-to when it comes to lifting handwriting. You can adjust your brightness threshold easily and typically get a good color. I also prefer doing a detailed scan of the hardcopy rather than using a picture of the paper. Or, if this is a picture from a person / customer and you can’t get the hard copy so you can scan it, have them take a few smaller pics more close up so the quality of each section is a bit better.


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