Tracking number


Tracking number received today and it’s due on Tuesday Nov 7. Also the Accessory Box with Crumb tray, etc.
Pro ordered Oct 3, 2015 (day 10)
Golden email received Oct 13, 2017
PG material received Oct 24, 2017
This will be fun tracking with UPS. If it is anything like the PG material delivery it should be early afternoon after the driver has had lunch at Zaxbys


Congrats! Looking forward to what you do with the laser.


Yep! I want to see some pens! (Aren’t you the pen guy?)


Yes, he is the pen guy (lest anyone else get caught up in an unclear antecedent,):wink:


That’s me. Handcrafted Pens by Larry.
Not so sure what I will be doing as far as engraving on pens with the :glowforge:
I’m presently using a 1000mw Chinese engraver with a 360 degree rotary device.
I am looking forward to making some awesome pen boxes using living hinge made with the :glowforge:

Bummer. Just tried to log on to UPS My Choice and now it’s telling me it’s not available in my area.