Tracking numbers and shipping disparities

I received a notice that my order had shipped, and I see the note that my air filter is set to ship later, but so far I have only received my proofgrade materials. I have signed up for ups and they have no records of any other packages en route. Support has not responded beyond am automated response. Any idea how to get the tracking number for the main unit?

A week or three after you get the PG material tracking you’ll get the one for the GF itself.

Or it will just show up on your doorstep about that same timeframe :slight_smile:


Go to this site and sign up for myChoice.

Can hold it at depot if want to. This eliminates the last mile problems of it banging around in a truck with only one guy shoving it out of his way all day also.

It’s not unusual for the Proofgrade to ship weeks before the GF leaves the factory floor. The email you received said up to six weeks from acceptance for you to receive it. Mine was 4 weeks. The amount of time varies greatly.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’ve responded there, so I’m going to close this topic.