Tracking numbers

I purchased a pro Oct 20 2015.

The factory is, I believe, taking today off - but then manufacturing and shipping all weekend.


Hmm @ 12:00 pm 28 days after shipment notification. No tracking number yet. Hopefully I get it today…


On a positive note, any concrete poured 28 days ago would be fully cured.


So been waiting since the 29th of October. I have been waiting since the 30th .maybe they might send it today. I’ve waited this long so what’s another day. Oh yeah I remember now I’m not making any money because it’s not here.:slight_smile:

I just realized it was on the 27th of Oct that I got the “Golden Email”, it is now the 27th of November, To all the folks that kept saying “they say six weeks but aren’t really taking that long,” well you sit on a throne of lies,:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They sent out so many golden ticket e-mails right around that time, I’m not surprised timing is starting to slip.

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