Tracy's Recommendations v1.1

Here’s some things I’ve been thinking would be some nice ideas:

1-New Acrylic Colors: 50% Grey and 25% Grey, 5"x10", medium thickness (1/8")

2-Project Packs: E.g.: bundle together some draftboard with either some hardwood or plywood for a discount. Or some other similar combination.

3-Downloadable Product Price Spreadsheet (electronic form): Put together a simple spreadsheet with current prices for every item available through the store. Include columns for item name, size (length, width, thickness), cost, cost per square inch, quantity (user fills in this amount). Have totals at the bottom for item count and cost. This helps two ways: the user can go through their inventory with the printed sheet and see what they need to order. Second, users that are running a business can use the sheet to detail what’s needed for each project.

4-SVG DPI Adjustment: When uploading artwork for printing, it would really be nice if the app prompted the user for the dots per inch (DPI) used to design the artwork. Some vector graphic programs use different resolutions. E.g. EazyDraw 8.x can export SVG graphics at 72 or 90 DPI. Glowforge works exclusively at 96 DPI.

After receiving the DPI input, the app could adjust the rulers on the display accordingly.

5- ‘Locking’ uploaded artwork. Have a toggle setting (during upload) for the artwork to be locked, so the user doesn’t accidentally re-size the artwork while moving it around the cutting surface.

6-Setting artwork to be proportionally re-sized simultaneously in X and Y axes.

Maybe combine #5 and #6 as a three-choice option: Free transform, proportional sizing, or locked; during the upload process.

That’s all for now!

Tracy-Paul Warrington


Thank you for your suggestions – I’ll make sure the team hears about these!