Trail Running Race - Wooden Awards

I am a race director and made these for our trail race over the weekend. It was my first project and look forward to many more.

Red Top Finisher Medal 121419
Red Top 25k 50k Overall Male Female awards 2019


Those are lovely - what’s the overall scale?

Do you by chance have a banana around? :slight_smile:


Thank you. I am new to this but…the finisher medals are about 3.5 inches and the overall awards range from 9 to 11 inches. Is that what you are asking?

I had to remove the crumb tray and get creative with the overall awards too as they are more than 0.5 inches thick.

Also, we have a full box of bananas left. They did not eat as many as we hoped. Ugg…


That’s exactly what I was asking - and the banana for scale is a running joke through these forums :slight_smile: - those are BIG - that your first project involved removing the crumb tray is impressive! It took me almost a year to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the forum!


Oh and hey - if you’ve got the freezer space; if you peel and freeze them they last as fresh banana for smoothies or banana splits - if you leave them unpeeled they’ll become the best goo to add to a banana bread recipe!

(I’m never one to throw a perfectly good banana away!)


Yep, learned this this the hard way… do you know how hard it is to peel a frozen banana? :crazy_face:


Great idea and thanks!

They look great. I used this type of material to make table numbers for a reception. Like the natural look.

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I do! haha

Thank you and that was the number one comment – how they loved the natural look and feel. We will do it again.


Allow to defrost (important first step)
Break off one end
Release the goo!

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