Transfer GF Basic to new owner

I sold my Glowforge basic and need to transfer ownership. I emailed support yesterday and today to give them the information and I haven’t heard from anyone. I received an automated email telling me how to fix problems. I don’t have a problem with the machine, I just need support to transfer the ownership.
Can someone in support help? Thanks,

The will respond in an email and close this thread.

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As long as you emailed from the account linked to your machine and with the information they request for an ownership transfer, they should get back to you as soon as they’ve got it set up.

Otherwise they’ll write back asking for you to provide the missing parts.

I gave them everything they need according to the support section of transferring ownership. Just frustrated they aren’t responding.

Considering all the issues of growing so fast, covid, etc. they are doing pretty good. I have an issue with Amazon who has a lot more capability (and more customers, but still) yet they have far worse customer service except for a very limited set of issues.

It might be interesting for Glowforge to automate specific issues rather than trying to solve everything as well.

Hello @trg918! I do apologize for the delayed response and just sent you an email confirming the transfer of ownership. Since this has been resolved, I am going to close this topic.