Transfer Of Ownership : Why so Complicated. Getting no where

Transfer Of Ownership is no easy task.

If you made purchase on Ebay and the Seller did not add you as a user and you have to argue about it , an than they dissappear , your stuck .

Many seller of the Glowforge Have no clue and when you tell them what they need to do , they do not have to comply with your request , stating you just have to log in with your account.

You spend hours showing them Screen Shots of on how to do it and no reply.

You write to Support for Days and they ask you confirm your Name and Email and than Nothing Happens.

If you try using your Glowforge Half of its abilities are Grayed out.

TRANSFER OF OWNER SHIP need to be Easier :

Since you’ve been on this forum nearly 5 years, I’m pretty sure you know that your comments are not being read by anyone else than other owners. You really should send your suggestions to


They recently did make it much easier. I just went into my account, found my machine, and released ownership. The next owner just needs to sign up like it was new.


Yes , thank you, but the Owner is not cooperating , keeps telling me that all I have to do is just log in and it should be fine, Support has not helped other than to confirme my name and email

5 Years and I thought I new all the tricks an hoops they had, but seems they had one more ,

Glowforge has streamlined the process, and it seems your problem is with the seller, not Glowforge.


Were you able to set up the machine? If so, does it show you as owner in your account? If it does, try releasing the machine yourself, which would remove all previous owners associated with it, then set it up again.

If not, can you file a complaint with ebay? Saying the previous owner will not transfer the rights?

Also, i previously bought a “new” refurb machine. Even though i was the first one to set it up, the machine had issues and i needed to send it back for that “within 3 months” warranty that refurbs have.

I found out at that point that i was not the registered owner because the email on file as the purchaser was the person who originally ordered the refurb.

I let support know that i just bought the machine, and they asked me for the previous owner’s info, like email, name, and i forget, but they were able to transfer ownership to me. After that, i also let the seller know that ownership is still under their name until its transferred, even if the machine was never set up. Edit: i think i had to supply the packing list that was still attached to the side of the box. It had the previous info on it, plus i needed to supply name, email, etc. I might still have the service email somewhere, though it’s been a few years.

The new refurb machine that was sent was completely registered under me.

With the new process, takes all of 5 seconds. So if they won’t log in and do it, i would wonder if the machine belonged to them at any point. At that point, I’d contact ebay, request a refund or something to start the arbitration process.


Found it:

Thank you for your patience and for confirming that you’d like to proceed. This is ****, I am stepping in to assist. I apologize that we missed this earlier but it appears that the email address on the order is different. To best protect your account, I’ll just need to know the email address used to purchase and one of the following:

  • The last 4 digits of the card used
  • PayPal Transaction ID
  • Affirm Loan ID
  • PO number
  • Check number
  • Wire number

In the end, i used the packing list on the outside of the box because it had the order number on it, and the sellers email, because that was what was associated with the paypal order.

I supplied a copy of the packing list, the email, and the order #. And support transferred ownership to me.


This is fantastic information thank you

I did send support his email and name

I contacted the owner who insists that I just need to log in with my name

I can use the Glow Forge but many things are grayed out , like the Air Filter

I do admit that Glowforge created an Easy System to Release Ownership however

if the person that is selling already has it packed up for sale and wants nothing to do with it anymore , there seems to be nothing you can do.

Very Frustrating , thanks for your help I am

Enclosed is what it shows, but It wont let me Release His Printer ,

It just shows his email next to the Printer and He is not getting back to me now.

Glowforge Support is all AI so not getting anywhere .

Hopefully when a person gets to you, they’ll have good news. If you have the box it came in, see if the packing list os still attached to the outside in that plastic sealed patch. That’s what i used for everything.


That worked, They gave me full permissions to use the features until they can declare ownership.


I didn’t even know it had been changed. That’s great! Have they resolved the possibility of it being reported as stolen and locked down?


YES ? The next day everthing was put in my name and I was extremely happy. thank you.


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