Transfer Ownership of Glowforge

Hey! I’m Joe, speaking on behalf of my IT department.

So, somebody in our business department purchased a GlowForge for our school at the request of our art studio, and he got his e-mail address tied to it as the “owner” of the device. Since our IT department manages the technology here, we wanted to transfer the ownership of the device to the e-mail address that our Systems Administrators use.

I had the current “owner” send an e-mail to GlowForge’s support about transferring ownership, but in an e-mail they sent back to us recently ( GlowForge’s ticket number: #74130) they said:

Thank you for asking.

You can transfer the ownership of your Glowforge at any time.

Unfortunately, we cannot transfer account ownership, or transfer founder benefits (credits, extra warranty, etc) between accounts. You are, of course, welcome to share the Inventables gift code (which you’ll receive by email) and your Proofgrade materials with the new owner.

If you’d like us to continue the transferring ownership to [redacted] please let us know. We’d be happy to do so.


Dan H.

We responded in another e-mail letting GlowForge know that it’s okay to transfer the ownership of the device and they haven’t responded. But what I’m concerned about is… Is there a way to transfer the account to our IT Department’s e-mail while still retaining the founder benefits? I realize that the e-mail says we can’t… but we paid a decent amount for the GlowForge Pro and included accessories, and we waited an awful long time for the device to come out.

Thanks, guys!
(By the way, the GlowForge works stupendously)

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Sounds like an entity owns the Glowforge and you’re just requesting to change the email address of record? Maybe phrase it that way so that the entity can retain ownership.


Hi Joe,
Here’s what I did. I bought a second unit from a GF Founder that no longer wanted the machine. I picked it up from him upon his receiving it. I “bought” his benefits, but didn’t transfer them. I created a shopping list for him and he ordered them, and put in my address for the shipping information. No transfer needed. However, future 10% discount is not transferable.

As far as ownership of the account, wait until he orders the materials for you.

That would be my approach, too.

Yes that should be possible because people don’t always keep the same email address forever anyway.

Yeah, that’s what I wanted to do initially, but the “e-mail address” field is grayed out. If I could have simply changed the e-mail address, I wouldn’t have fretted about changing ownership. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place?

Also, thanks for your quick responses everyone. You guys are rad.

You can’t change the email address, support has to. I’ve been through the process. I asked them to change it using the email they had on record. They did it quickly. (There did seem to be some residual effects though. I got the impression that the email name is not stored in just one DB. But I changed it between the golden email and the shipping of the GF.)

I’m going to try that, actually. Thanks so much for the information.

And thanks again, everyone. I’ll report back to you soon.

We’ve followed up to your email about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

Thanks for your patience and for letting us know about this.