Transparency, translucency, and opaqueness of bi-color acrylic

Planning a project which will be back-lit, or possibly edge-lit, letters and/or designs - like the glowing Apple logo on the MacBook but intricate and scattered across the entire sheet. Need it to be totally opaque except for where etched, but also want interesting surface finishes like brushed gold, copper, or camo (as well as plain black or other solid colors.)

Also, for example with brushed gold on blue, I’d like the blue to be translucent enough to produce a “vivid” color with a moderate amount of light, it’ll be LED-driven.

Has anyone tried this stuff and have any experience to share?


(obviously could cut my design from a solid piece then illuminate thru appropriate color behind, but the designs will have fully cut sections that would then have to be glued to the backing piece. I’d rather etch for looks as well as simplicity - if possible!)

What if you layered bi-colored material (like “gloss black on gold”) meant for engraving on top of the acrylic… Then you could do a shallow engrave for color and a deep engrave for illumination.


Reverse engravables from Johnson plastics…

Make sure it’s for lasers…they have stuff for rotary Engravers that don’t work well on lasers…