Travel Size Inkle Loom

I have been a little out of action but I just made a bunch of stuff as a Christmas present. Here is a travel sized loom with matching shuttle and a wavy shuttle for a much bigger loom.

ETA: Oh yeah the tablet cards to go with the loom as well! The proto types are in the bottom of the picture.


@kelley1 check it


Thanks for the heads-up! :smiley:

@aumanjoi I am so impressed! Do you have someone to test it yet? [raises hand to volunteer]

Nice waves in the shuttle. Have you made samples yet? [raises other hand]


Thank you! This is actually going to someone to test so hopefully they will tell me their thoughts. I made the wavy shuttle using Inkscape.


Awesome! I hope the recipient takes video of it in action.

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How does it work and what do you weave it? I enjoy crafting so am intrigued. Thank you for sharing


So these types of looms were known for creating straps and/or trim in Viking age. Several pieces of the trim has shown up in Viking burial sites that reflect different patterns.

Here is a video from a Youtuber I follow that has a good video on explaining it and showing how to warp it and create a piece. Tablet Weaving for the Absolute Beginner - YouTube


Hmmm… interesting! Going to have to check it out!

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Thank you. I will check it out. I appreciate the reply.