Tree Jewelry Stand


Loved the @dpmarkman tree, so decided to work up a (much less entertaining) version to use as a base for a display tree/ jewelry stand/ whatever.

I wanted to test path rounding on something like acrylic, to see if rounding tight corners kept it from splitting, but without having to introduce dogbones.

And this one is full of tight corners, so we’ll see if it works. :wink:

(It would also look super cool in wood though, particularly with toasted edges. :yum:)

Programs Used:


1/4" material

Tree Stand .25 inch (14.1 KB)




Doooooo eet! Doooooo eeet!

But hang some cherries or acorns from it, lol.


OMG! Little teeny tiny acorn ornaments! And a squirrel at the bottom, looking up.

(Triggered again!) :sweat_smile:


@Jules equivalent of shiny things: ohhhh, little critters! :slight_smile:


I propose official US standard language: edges are grilled, not toasted.


I like it! If you make it out of acrylic you could hit it with a heat gun and twist the individual limbs to customize the look. (From what I’ve read on this forum you’d want to anneal the acrylic first.)


Great idea! :slight_smile:

Oh man - that has triggered another idea! i will never get the housework done at this rate!


Very nice! My wife already has her eye on something similar to this on my Pintrest board. And, after what I said on the other thread about annoying her by watching the Lawrence Welk Show, I should probably start planning some gifts for her.


Always good to keep the spouses happy! :smiley:


This is great! I’d just add small paired holes throughout for stud earrings.


Easy enough to do! :relaxed:


I love the similarities and differences both of this &


I can just see little Christmas ornaments on your tree. It could be used for lots of things. :relaxed:


That is a really nice design


Thank you kindly! (Temporarily Out of Likes!) :relaxed: