Tree Ornament


Another acrylic snowflake inlayed with Mother of Pearl flakes. In clear acrylic it should play nice with the tree lights. Can’t manage to get a shot that does justice to the colors, it’s all washed out. but the third one , held edge wise under the light shows how many different colors there are, just not the intensity of the color when reflected. Sparkles just like snow.

I can’t believe how easy this is.


That’s so cool!


Oh, that’s beautiful! I got some of those MOP flakes based on your recommendation and now I must try this!


Looks great! 'M going to have to try some too. :grinning:


My to-do list is seriously long… Great job! It’s so pretty!!!


For an amazing look at snowflakes, This guy does 'Sky Crystals’
How he manages to manipulate such fragile objects blows me away. His pictures all figure an isolated flake on a black background. They are high resolution so you can zoom in.


Gorgeous! So many materials so little time