Trial period and premium features

As a new GF owner I have this 14 day trial period and then can upgrade to premium. But am I entitled to premium features during this 14 day period? And if so, are the projects I see as “free for premium members” available to me for free during this trial period? If so, why do i go to my cart and have to make a payment? Am I missing something? Is there always a small fee for projects, even if a premium member?

I think so. (We should get Premium features and free downloads during the trial.)

We have to provide a credit card to load them to the cart, but I don’t believe there is a charge while you’re in the Premium trial. (Try one and see. If it shouldn’t be charged, Support can reverse the charge if it accidentally goes through.)


No, as a premium member the only fee you have to pay is the Premium member fee, whether you choose monthly or a yearly plan. There is no additional charge in there for projects as long as it says “Free with Premium.”


I ordered something and the charge went through on my credit card, even though I’m in my trial period and supposed premium member. I don’t understand. I did send a message to support.


In that case you’re good. They will square it away.

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Some projects aren’t free, even in premium. So it depends.

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