Trickster Coyote gets tricked!

I’m a collector and fan of Mexican folk art and here’s my homage to a great old engraving. (You can see it at the bottom.) Each one has a little different coloring/feel to it and I’m keep changing my mind about which one I like best. Have to add little kickstands behind and they’ll be all done.

And damn, it took me a while to warm up to it, but I’m loving draftboard more and more. It takes coloring and engraving so well.




This last one is the closest to the original print I found online


These are fabulous! I love the ‘aged look’ of the coloring. What did you use to color them? I can sure see why you’re attracted to them after seeing all your other work. And how big are these?

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Thanks @Xabbes. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The two large ones are 7" and the smaller one about 5.5". (The first pic is them on about 75% of the GF tray.)

Let’s see, what didn’t I use to color them and beat them up with. :woman_facepalming:

In #2 plaque I used mostly dried out regular Sharpies. I didn’t like it as you can see overlapped areas and no blending.

In #1 and #3 I used Sharpie “Stained” fabric markers which were my favorite. Unfortunately they are really limited to bright primary colors, but they do go on nice and even with slower drying time, are much more translucent and will blend together. (You can really see it in version #3.)

I used white oil pen for the coyote and fox(?) and some really watered down blue acrylic paint for the background of #3. The “aged” metallic frames were from my favorite pen , a ZIG “Painty” oil pen. It’s hard to tell in the pics, but it gives an almost silver/gold leaf look. (It’s really a great pen!) I scrubbed down various parts with a mix of Dollar Store’s “Totally Awesome” cleaner and water here and there to age it. (That stuff will take off anything lol.)


It seems a shame not to include the story , or a link to it? I had always presumed the coyote was named Murphy?


Nice. Off topic, but I grew up with coyotes. Do you pronounce it KY-oat or KY=oatee?

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  • Ky-oat
  • Ky-oatee

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I’ve been playing with Chamelon markers. They are super pricey, but perfect for shading and blending.

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Hm. There is also the Spanish pronunciation, which is common in the Southwestern United States (~ koy-o-tay). I don’t think the original Nahuatl pronunciation is very common anywhere now …

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Your coloring is masterly! I think you should also try Prismacolor pencils–the Draftboard takes those really well due to the “tooth” of the board. There’s another colored pencil out that I’m hoping to try but they are even more expensive than Prismacolor. It’s Caran d’Ache Luminance pencils. From what I’ve seen they are even brighter and more opaque, as well as not suffering from waxy buildup like Prismacolors can do.


Ky-oats are breakfast cereal,
Ky-oat-tees are the thin shirts that coyotes wear?

Circumstances would make many different ways of speaking.


Wow … These are so striking. I appreciate your efforts to get the coloring where you wanted it. It’s such a big process.

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