Tried everything, stuck on centering, disappointed in Glowforge

We had our Glowforge Pro less than a year. It quick working. Glowforge replaced it with a refurbished model for a charge of $600+ and it worked less than 6 months. Stopped mid-cut with Proofgrade birch. Nothing fancy, just stopped working. After 3 weeks of attempting to work with Customer Service, trying EVERYTHING they suggested, cleaning everything they suggested, checking for corrosion (none), wifi is great, sending photographs of everything they requested… purchasing and replacing the black cable, cleaning the left side, checking circuit connections, AND discovering things that were broken on the refurbished model (such as the outer wall and circuit connection tabs!)…nothing. So much for having a $5000+ machine to create gifts for the holidays. It doesn’t work.

Glowforge now says they will give us another REFURBISHED model for $800+. I have never heard of a company that thinks it’s acceptable to charge again for a poorly refurbished model we paid for LESS THAN 6 MONTHS AGO.

Any suggestions? We are exhausted waiting for an email every other day to try something another rep already asked us to try and photograph for them.

Please help!

If your machine was less than a year old, why would they charge you $600 to exchange it?

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We couldn’t prove that it was not “user error” that caused the safety locking issue on the original model.

Not to be picky, but there is no Proofgrade Birch.

I am sure you are disappointed, I would be. What was the warranty promised with the refurbished unit?

Medium Basswood, my mistake! No warranty promised. I just cannot believe a product of this caliber would only work for 6 months.

Hi Marisa,

I’d be happy to look into this and offer some help. I’m having trouble finding the support ticket connected to this. Would you mind letting me know the ticket number so I can start investigating?

Thank you @RyanArt! I opened a new support ticket. [We were offered another refurbished machine for $851. I cannot comprehend having to pay another $600-851 every 6 months for a refurbished replacement machine. We spent thousands of dollars on the original and are experiencing things such as a power issue???]

I appreciate any help you can provide!

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