Trim design question

Any ideas on how to do the trim on this?


Not sure what you mean by the trim. Can you be more specific?

Those leather pieces look hand tooled to me. You will not be able to reproduce that exact look with a laser, although you might be able to get close to it.

Two alternatives:
— create a 3D engraving file of your design (search the forum for “3D engraving” for tips) and use that on the leather.
— use an inverse of your 3D engraving file on acrylic or Delrin and use that as a leather stamp. For this option you might not even need a 3D file, as the act of stamping the leather will probably give you those curved portions of the design.

Good luck!


If by trim you mean that turquoise border design - it definitely looks like it was tooled with a border stamp. Agree with @dklgood, the whole design looks hand tooled.

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Thank you ladies. I know it is hand tooled. I was just wondering if there was a way to engrave that type of look.

To get the same kind of depth - not in leather unless you engrave a delrin or acrylic stamp like mentioned above. For other materials you’d make your artwork with varying shades of gray (depth map) and run the job with the vary power setting.