TRON and Dragonball Acrylic Headphone AMP boxes

Finally got around to designing another acrylic box for my headphone amps. I did one a while ago with a Capsule Corp design from Dragonball and decided to do the next one with a TRON theme. I used clear acrylic for the top and bottom and a transparent blue (from Inventables) for the sides. Then I painted the sides with a silver metallic paint and a metallic blue for the TRON logo on the top. After fixing some error in the original box design I also rebuilt the Capsule Corp box and added some metallic gold paint for a better look.


Very nice. The way you used the colors and different acrylic is very neat.

Needs to go to 11 though.:laughing:


Out of likes for the day … but, these look very professional! Nice work!

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