Trouble getting help to fix my machine

Has anyone else experienced frustration with getting support? I contacted support on October 1st - I had someone assisting me and then she passed me on to someone else. We have been emailing but it takes two or three days before they answer an email only to have you try one more fix and then you email them and wait another 2 or 3 days! Getting frustrated - Phone Customer Service would be very helpful:(

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I’ve been trying to sort out issues on my machine since the 1st week of september.

They don’t have phone suppport, but they do have live chat. Click “Support” at the top of the site then click the “Chat” button in the corner.

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That is how I started out and then she said she would email me so I could continue with her support.

It’s very frustrating - this is a busy season for people that use their glowforge for their business :frowning:

They now have a phone number you can call. It says to leave a message so I don’t know how long it will take for them to get back to you.

Phone : Call +1 (855) 338-2122 and leave us a message. We’ll get right back to you.

Where’s that at? They’ve had a phone number(as do nearly all businesses) but they never used it for support. Only for the commercial side. Vendors and the like.

Edit: nvrmnd. I found it on the page. Wonder when they added that?

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.