Trouble log in to use catalog projects

I can sign in to my machine but sometime I can not see the catalog and if I can see the catalog and try to log in to print project it just say something when wrong help

When you say you can see the catalog…are you meaning the dashboard where projects are stored? Or are you meaning the actual Glowforge catalog where we can purchase designs? There’s a big difference. Can you please show us a picture of what you’re trying to do…? You haven’t given us enough specific information to help you.

I have the monthly sub to catalog .
How do I show you what I’m doing.
When I try to look at projects in the catalog and find a project to print you have to log in to print project the next screen it say invalid e-Mail password but I’m already sign in ?

I have e-mail back and forth with support all day if one problem fixed like e-mail and password then when I try to go to the catalog it just say something when wrong?

The shop and the catalog are two completely different places.
This is a screenshot of your photo in your post;

The shop has materials (wood, acrylic, etc) and spare parts. The catalog is where there are designs to purchase or to get for free with a premium subscription.


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