Trouble making ornament with Inkscape

I’m trying to make a Christmas ornament of a police badge and shoulder patch I have in svg but Inkscape is not letting me. I’m new to this but I’m following YouTube videos as they say. What am I doing wrong?

What problem are you having?

Inkscape is just about as capable as any other design application.

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I’m trying to make the backside larger to cut around the badge and patch plus add the hole for the string. I make the copy and go to Path and Outset as it showed me but it didn’t do anything.

Outset only works with vector objects, is that what you have?

If not, trace bitmap and apply outset to the result.

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They are svg. That was the last one I tried. I tried several different videos with no luck. It’s been frustrating.

SVG does not mean it’s vector, it’s just a container that can have both raster/bitmap and vector objcects.


I’ve been trying to figure that out to if that could be a issue too. I followed those videos also and I couldn’t seem to get it to do as the videos showed. Do you want me to attach the files?

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I’d be happy to take a look at it.


Hopefully I added these correct.

I can’t immediately figure out the issue but both of those files have something seriously wrong with them, They are vectors.

It’s not you, it’s the files.

I would take screenshots of how they appear in a browser, then trace that bitmap to get a vector outline that could then be enlarged. There are likely many other approaches to figure it out but the files as uploaded are not usable.


How do I fix them to do what I need?

I amended my post above.

Thanks. I’ll try that and see if I have any luck.

Is this kind of what you want?
LexingtonFayetteUrbanCountyPolice(1) (18.3 KB)

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YES. That is what I’ve been trying. What did you do to get it to do that?

I have the Premium subscription. I created the circle, then used the outline tool to create an outline around the entire design. All done in the Glowforge interface.


Wow! I did not know that could be done in the premium. I going to have to get that. Is the other file the same? What would suggest the setting on for 3mm sheets for engraving and cutting?

Here is the other one.
LPD Badge With (90.4 KB)


I can’t thank you enough. Would you mind doing one more for Badge? It sounds like I’m going to have to get the premium. What are the steps in premium to create these in the future?
Commonwealth of Kentucky Nicholasville Police Officer Badge

Commonwealth of Kentucky Nicholasville Police Officer Badge(1) (57.2 KB)