Trouble with free with premium files not showing up on my dashboard

I am have trouble free with premium files not showing up in my dashboard once I click add to dashboard - A couple of files worked fine but then it is not working any longer

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Glowforge support personnel do not monitor this forum, so you will need to contact them for assistance with the files. If you are still a trial member of the premium subscription, I don’t believe the free files are available, but I am just repeating what another user stated in the past.

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I’m having the same problem, and I’ve been a Premium subscriber for over a year. It’s a GF issue. I put in a help request last night, and am waiting to hear back.

ok thank you

I just got off the phone with a sales person at Glorforge – I was told that as of yesterday they no longer let “free with premium” files to be downloaded during the trial period. You have to now purchase the premium subscription to be access these files. I will confirm as I know more.

I have been a Premium subscriber for over a year, so there must be an issue somewhere else. Thank you for your update!

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