Trouble with tech support

The problem I have is a lack of support. 10 days ago my machine went down and I was able to get tech support on a chat line. They took a look at the log files and concluded I had a lid cable go bad. 10 days later I finally received my replacement cable and quickly installed it only to find out that my machine still did not work. I sent another request for support in and two days later I get an email telling me to take a photograph of the cable installation and send it to them. I did this and now two days later I have yet to get a response back. I am loosing customers and sales right at the holiday shopping season. I have a $2000 order on hold with a deadline quickly approaching and I cannot get through to anyone about my problem. I now regret buying this machine from this company and I am not sure what I am going to do next.

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Since the simple solution did not work they are digging into the logs to try and figure out if there is a way to fix your system without you having to ship it back to them - you’ve been through the quick process, now you’re in the slow one. The likelihood that you’re going to have to ship it back has gone way up, so be prepared for that.

If you have active orders you should find a local Tech shop or another :glowforge: owner from whom you can rent machine time.

I’m so sorry for the delay, I wasn’t able to locate the previous message, it may have never reached us.

I did find the email thread from yesterday, and I’ve just followed up there with the next steps, so I’m going to close this thread.