Truly annoyed subscription price

Like seriously, $50 a month for a subscription when you had already paid over $8000 for their equipment realistically let’s take a Paul who pays $50 a month versus using Adobe or any other free tools?

Inkscape is free, and Glowforge recently offered many users a couple of weeks of free premium. Glowforge support doesn’t monitor this forum, so your post is only being seen by other users.


Affinity Designer was only $50 with no subscription fee when I bought it…and gives Illlustrator a run for it’s money.


If you’re talking 8k, that means you have a Pro - there is no reason you need the subscription for a Pro. It’s focused on commercial sellers who aren’t designers. If you’re a commercial seller then $50/month is chump change, and part of your business expenses. If not, no reason to get it. They do run sales every once in a while too.


Assuming you had a gift store (for example) then any of the over five thousand designs only available to Glowforge owners otherwise free to you but pretty pricy to Glowforge owners who do not have premium you could fill the gift shop solid and still make your own creations with the help of Magic Canvas that can ease your designing considerably. And that is only two of the advantages.


I create whatever I want in inkscape. I have never had a subscription and never will.