Trying First print on Pro (resolved)


Just unboxed and trying to print the founder’s ruler. The GF App says the printer is calibrating for 20 minutes, but I don’t see anything happening, and I hear is an intermittent motor/grinding noise that happens every 9-11 seconds for less than a second.

Is this normal? How long should calibration take?


I don’t recall first time calibration taking that long. Calibration isn’t quick, but 20 minutes means something is wrong. I’d try turning it off, gently sliding the arm and laser head to the back right hand corner and turning it on again.


Just took a closer look and the print head is quivering slightly when the grinding sound happens. Doesn’t look like it can move.


It is possible the machine is downloading updates, but it shouldn’t take but a few minutes. If the cancel button is unavailable (grayed out) I would just turn the machine off, gently position the head under the camera and restart the machine.


So with the power OFF, both the gantry and the laser head should move smoothly. I’ve never seen it quiver.


Support has said in the past that you will not harm your machine by cycling it off and on again.
I was just about to suggest what printToLaser suggested above.


With the power off, the forward/back motion is smooth, but with it on, that motion is a bit jerky and LOUD. I haven’t seen the printhead move at all with power on. It is still all the way over to the right.


I’ll try that now


That resolved it. Just moved it up the camera and now things seem to be moving better. Trying to print now.


Problem, solved.

Close thread. Thank you for the suggestions.


Thanks for the help, all!

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