Trying really hard to love my glowforge.....again

ive been trying to get help from support.
but i dont know what going on.
as i stated previously from day one.
my glowforge has been acting up.
it arrived with liquid all inside the machine and all inside the packageing of the box
i sent over pictures but i never got any response nor help

i honestly think cause of that. till today im not able to get a perfect cut
no matter if im using glowforge proof material or none proof
its one issue to another.

Is there some reason why you keep posting duplicate threads on this under different Titles? (It just slows things down for you.)

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i tried the first one it said it was closed so i did it again…
jeez, not a big deal i can just simply remove it.

You have two new ones today. Each time you create a new ticket instead of replying to the original one that you opened, it starts the clock over, and increases your delays.

And an email directly to them opens a ticket as well.

I believe your first thread on the issue was closed because they close them after a week or so of not hearing back from you.

So the way to get them to actually get the issue cleared up, is to watch your one opened thread for the response from them, and then respond promptly with whatever they ask for. Watch for replies with a yellow background, those are from Support. And if they ask for something, give it to them, because they are not going to proceed until you do respond with what they ask for. If they don’t hear back within several days, they assume you got the problem worked out and don’t need them anymore and they close the ticket.

That might help you to have a slightly quicker resolution, so try that.


Your impatience and frustration is understood. Work with them, support will get you up and running.

Hello there,

Thank you for reaching out for assistance in the forum community. Our Glowforge community is comprised of not only talented creators, but very knowledgable people who are always willing to help out fellow Glowforge owners in need of assistance.

I’m so sorry to hear that you’re experiencing cut through troubles with your Printer. I’ll be happy to help you get this problem sorted out so that you can get back to printing without any troubles.

To start I wanted to address the fluid you had discovered within your Printer’s bed when your first unboxed the machine. I’m so sorry to hear that your Glowforge arrived with liquid in the bed. That’s incredibly frustrating to find when unboxing your printer for the first time.

This occasionally happens when the Glowforge coolant cap has a problem and the unit was mis-handled during shipping. While the box should always be kept right side up, the shipping company sometimes gets it wrong, and when they do, coolant can seep out.

The good news is that the liquid is a food-grade product that is safe to the touch, and doesn’t cause damage to your Glowforge printer.

We’re deeply frustrated for you as well, because that’s not the experience you should’ve had upon unpacking your Printer.

However, I was able to look back through your trouble ticket history and it looks you did reach out with your concern at that time. My colleagues then, had replaced your machine with a brand new printer in late March / early April of 2019.

Moving along, You had stated that you’re not able able to get a perfect cut with your printer.

im not able to get a perfect cut no matter if im using glowforge proof material or none proof its one issue to another.

Can you please elaborate as to what your specific issue is? For example, are you experiencing failures cutting through materials, or problems with scoring and engraving on materials. Although both types of troubles sound similar, they are rather different issues.

Nevertheless, I look forward to your reply, and getting you back up and running without any troubles as soon as possible.

Warm regards,

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Hi @chillnvapelounge. We recently received some returned log files from you through email, however we’ve received various emails and threads to help you troubleshoot. I wanted to avoid any confusion and follow back about Gabe’s last request for a little more information to help us address anything preventing you from printing.

For any unexpected print results, it can help us to get any date and time of those print attempts as we review any print data from your Glowforge. We’ll look forward to hearing back. Thank you!

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