Trying to cut and engrave

Let me being by saying that I am not an expert at Adobe Illustrator OR using my Glowforge. In the past, when I have made .svg files to cut on the Glowforge, I would upload my design and then on the left side column, each “layer” would allow me to choose cut, engrave, etc. My design basically consists of three layered squares. I would like to cut the outer square and engrave the two inner ones. When my design is uploaded, the image is shown in the left side column as only one “layer”, where it would usually be shown in three, only allowing me to cut, engrave, etc all three squares. I sure hope I am explaining this correctly. I am hoping someone can tell me what I am doing wrong. Thank you so much for any advice.

The Glowforge interface does not recognize layers. It differentiates items based on their color. You will need each square to be a different color for Glowforge to distinguish them. Filled shapes will be engraved. Vector lines will be cut or scored, so you may want to make sure the items you want engraved are filled shapes.


Thank you so much!

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