Trying to download files and wont work

ive just downloaded 2 file bundles and neither one is downloading to glowforge. first they say its downloaded and shows up the picture of the design then later one it says not found or just wont download anywhere. these files are from 2 sperate sellers on etsy so i dont know whats going on when it also doesnt download on adobe as well

Try a different browser. Some, like Edge, don’t download files, but rather bitmap copies.

“Adobe” doesn’t download file either. It can open files you have downloaded, however.

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You can try dragging and dropping the files onto the interface, try a different browser or try opening in your design software. If the file will not open in Adobe Illustrator, there is a problem with the file or file format.


ok so, what i did was simply just drag files about 5 designs in it and once i moved files to my desktop it now works on all of them. I have zero clue as to why this even works

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