Trying To Engrave Hollow Fonts

I am trying to engrave a thick font “DAD”. I want each letter to be hollow and only engrave the outline, however, when I go to engrave it fills in causing the printing to last too long. How do I prevent this?

If you only want to engrave only the outline you could score it instead, if that’s too thin a line there are two options:

  1. A defocused score will be wider, but shallower.

  2. Edit it in a vector graphics program.

Let us know which one you’d like to use and we can walk you though it. :slight_smile:


No matter what you are engraving, for the same area, it will take the same amount of time whether what is inside is simple or complex because the head has to take the same path. If the laser fires twice or fifty times as it goes across, it will make no difference in the time taken so text filled in will make no difference in time than just on the edges.