Trying to engrave

a customer sent me a picture of a quote she wants on a cutting board. i downloaded the quote but when i get ready to engrave it i get alot of black dots that engrave also. can someone help me. I really dont know what to do

Those kinds of engraves can be tricky. Sounds to me like the quote you downloaded is a raster/pixel image like a jpeg or similar…which can often have a lot of artifacts in it (all those black dots). Unless you know how to ‘clean up’ that image, my suggestion would be to not use the download at all, but just use text to write out what the quote says…which would engrave very cleanly. There’s really no reason to use a picture of some text when you can just use actual text.


Yeah what @xabbess said. We might be able to help a bit more directly if you show us pictures of what you’re doing or maybe upload the image you’re trying to engrave.


I have found that if a black-and-white image is taken into Gimp it is easy to push the contrast to enough extreme as to cancel the mess created by JPG. Then saved as a PNG or made a vector at that time works great.

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I use the native image viewer on Mac OS (“Preview”) to adjust contrast to get rid of those kinds of artifacts. Gimp, Inkscape and even Powerpoint can come in handy as well.

In general, you need to turn up the contrast and brightness to get rid of them, but as you use various tools you’ll learn what works well, and what doesn’t. I sometimes have to run a couple of passes, one to get rid of the artifacts then another to improve the contrast. Often times I use Preview to remove and color (“Saturation”) as well.

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