Trying to Purchase Sales Items - Only shows 1% off on all Items

Hi, I am trying to purchase some material but it all only shows 1% off instead of discounted amount. I called and sent messages last week with no response from GlowForge. Is anyone else seeing this?


The description says you have to buy 5, 10, etc. to get the discount and that the items marked at 1% off are eligible for the deal. Did you add at least 5 to your cart?


Glowforge personnel do not monitor this forum, so your best bet is to contact Glowforge through their support/sales portals.

I am aware of that. I have reached out both by phone and email support with no response from them. I was wondering if any owners experience the same issue if they go to the click link to purchase at 40% off and only see 1% off.

They do not offer phone support…that’s a sales number that is listed. If you received an automated email response, they will contact you in about 3 days. If you did not receive the automated response, that would mean that your email did not go through. Many of us noticed the way they formatted the sale, but if you read the above post again, you will get a correct answer to your question.


I used the link in the email and it brought me to a page that just listed items for 1% off. I see now that if you go to the main sales page for materials first, they explain what the 1% is about. Thanks for the responses.

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