Trying to report a design -- repeatedly told "Something went wrong"

I twice filled out the Report Design form to give the Glowforge folks feedback about the Spiral Maker Set design in the catalog – but each time after I submitted the form, up popped the “Something went wrong” alert. Is there another way to give them the feedback?

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Maybe state what the problem with the design is here in the forum.

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By posting here you have opened a support ticket for them to address. They will get with you.

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Jules — thanks for reminding me that I could also email Support. I just did!

Cap’n Mike

This message was created on a iPhone that delights in autocorrupting my typing…

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I’m so sorry that you were not able to submit a feedback form for the Spiral Design Set. I saw your email and understand the design has uneven teeth. I’ve alerted the team to both of those issues, and we’re working on them now.

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! It helps us make sure we provide top-quality catalog designs for all of our customers, and I appreciate your efforts.

It looks like you’ve also emailed us about this and I will follow up with you there, so I’m going to close this topic.