Trying to upgrade but receiving error message


I just purchased the Glowforge Basic + Air Filter just a few hours ago but I want to upgrade to Pro + Air Filter. When I tried paying for the $1500 difference, I received this message: “We already received your order! You should receive an email confirmation shortly.” I checked my credit card and it has not been charged. Did my upgrade go through or should I wait for confirmation from customer service? I just want to make sure my upgrade went through before the promo ends.

Your prompt response will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Email I am sure your preorder price will get preserved if their response/solution takes too long. You won’t get an active solution here unfortunately.

@jacktyler_co_uk: Thank you for help. I appreciate it. I emailed customer service but I think they are swamped.

UPDATE: It did resolve itself. I tried again today to do the upgrade and it went through. After checkout, I did not receive an error message. Also, I received a confirmation. I think it just needed a day to process the original transaction before a new transaction/upgrade can go through.

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Happened to me also and resolved itself later in the day.